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Animated Films - winners from the Countdown competition

Devon Youth Film exists to promote opportunities for pupils of all ages to make films and have them shown to real audiences. Since its inception in 1998, over 40 films have been made by pupils in the LEA’s schools and shown at the Exeter Picture House, the Northcott Theatre and the Millennium Dome.

Each of these animations was a winner in the Countdown animation competition which took place during Animated Exeter. Countdown is an annual challenge that gets students to produce a ten second countdown to a movie. By countdown we mean a 10 second clip that counts down to the start of a movie.




This short video clip gives examples of pupils' work from 5 schools that were submitted for the Animated Exeter Festival in 2003

Exeter schools submitted a picture of their animation in the form of a storyboard and the winning entries (judged by representatives from Animated Exeter) were given a day at the dMEC to produce their 10 sec clip. They used the EOS computerised animation system and digital sound recording, and were supported by Dave Johnstone (a freelance animator) and Roger Crompton (of dMEC).

Given the amount of work that goes into an animation (25 frames/sec means 250 separate frames or pictures for a 10 sec piece) the idea of Countdown is a reasonable challenge within the allotted time. The winners of this year will be shown as countdowns to next year's movies at the Picturehouse.

Schools are invited to submit ideas developed by their pupils for animated films up to a maximum of 3 minutes in length.

  • The films can be made as model animation or two dimensional images
  • Five successful submissions will be commissioned to go into production and screened as part of the Animated Exeter Festival in February 2004 in the Exeter Picture House.
  • Support will be provided by staff from the digital Media Education Centre at all stages of the pre-production and production process
  • The pupils themselves will film their work and record the soundtrack on a professional video animation system at the digital Media Education Centre, or if they prefer, at school using a portable version of the same equipment.




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